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Many of us would probably agree that a life of a celebrity is really hard.

Amidst their busy schedules, people are always on the lookout for them.

In tale two, solitary Cara (Heart Evangelista) meets Mr. And in the final yarn, a tour guide (Hero Angeles) meets a girl (Sandara Park) who pretends to be a famous actress.

Ria (Kristine Hermosa) and RJ (Diether Ocampo) share the perfect relationship until she didn't show up on their wedding. But the indecisive and the new RJ is now the most sought-after model in town.

Also take notice of this picture of Diether and his date, courtesy of, wherein the girl is definitely not avoiding the media/paparazzi while Diether is pensively uneasy about it.

With Philippine Showbiz, it is only a matter of time before the girl’s identity will be known, after all she seems to not be shy with the camera.

The closeness between the two stirred some controversy, as Romualdez was Gwen Zamora’s then-boyfriend.

And people have noticed their uncanny resemblance.[email protected] to that one time @Miley Cyrus brought me a bday cake.

Will it be possible for two very different individuals find home in one another?The reporters manage to audibly hear though the girl say that she is a commercial and print model.I just wonder why Diether Ocampo would bring a date to a public event and then “deny” the girl.Diether Ocampo refused to answer any question from reporters as to the identity of his mestiza date nor to the speculations on his “aborted’ transfer to GMA 7.Some reporters managed to ask Diether’s mestiza date, but failed to take note of her name because of the loud music during the launch.

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Diether Ocampo has a lovechild with a non-showbiz ex-girlfriend.

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