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Dating in new plymouth new zealand

The head of state, the monarch of New Zealand is represented in the Realm of New Zealand by the Governor-General and is the source of executive, judicial and legislative power.

The New Zealand constitution is uncodified and is to be found in formal legal documents, in decisions of the courts, and in practices (some of which are described as conventions).

New Zealand has a legislature called the New Zealand Parliament, consisting of the Queen-in-Parliament and the House of Representatives.

According to the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty, Parliament may pass any legislation that it wishes.

The constitution must also be seen in its international context, because New Zealand governmental institutions must increasingly have regard to international obligations and standards.

The Constitution Act 1986 describe the three branches of Government in New Zealand: The Executive (the Executive Council, as the Cabinet has no formal legal status), the legislature (the House of Representatives and Sovereign in Parliament) and the judiciary (Court system).

It increasingly reflects the fact that the Treaty of Waitangi is regarded as a founding document of government in New Zealand.The British Crown and New Zealand Crown are thus legally distinct.Part one of the Constitution Act 1986 describes "The Sovereign", the reigning monarch, as New Zealand's head of state.(The Cabinet forms the practical expression of a formal body known as the Executive Council.) The Prime Minister, as the leader of the political party or coalition of parties holding or having the support of a majority of seats in the House of Representatives, leads the Cabinet.All Cabinet Ministers must be Members of Parliament (MPs) and are collectively responsible to it.

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The Constitution of New Zealand is the sum of laws and principles that make up the body politic of the realm.

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