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These thieves typically stole cash and jewelry, but this was the first case where police initially tied a murder to knock-knock burglars."It was at 9 o'clock … she was crying and distraught and she was saying, "They killed Fabio," Mirella Rota, Fabio's sister," tells CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller. In the video, the burglars find the safe and pull it out of the wall. Now look how many seconds -- and this is a real heavy safe … They put a lot of effort into it and it's so heavy he can't -- he can't lift the thing. A neighbor had cameras pointed at the street just down the block from Fabio's house. I mean, it's sort of like this is like the oldest crime in the book. Mary Fulginiti: Monica's the one who, six months before the murder, made sure she had the right access to her surveillance video system.Police would learn that the reason behind the murder was much darker and twisted than a simple robbery. Detectives quickly learned Sementilli had been a superstar in the world of hairdressing. But look at how he's just gonna slide that thing out. In the video, two guys wearing hoodies can be seen running right toward Fabio's house. And then 35 minutes later, they can be seen making their getaway in Fabio's black Porsche. The system Solouk set up for "48 Hours" is similar system to the one Fabio Sementilli had. I mean really, it's two lovers obviously wanting to be together and then wanting to get rid of one of the spouses for money, and then here it's a life insurance policy. Monica was the one that fed all the information to Baker so that he could have access to the video system.Robert Baker is a name you will hear a lot from here on out. Elyse Bleuel: I think I knew that he had been military police. Bleuel heard about Baker's movie career from a friend who happened to spot him in an adult film. Detectives allege that both Monica and Baker used the streaming surveillance to be sure the coast was clear.He had been a racquetball league director at a Los Angeles gym not far from Fabio Sementilli's house. It turns out Rob Baker was a man with quite a colorful past. Police believe Monica actually stayed away from her home until her youngest daughter, 16-year-old Isabella, came home. Joe Mercurio: I can't understand how a human being can inflict pain to their children.Cameras caught the suspects on video running to his home – and then leaving in his Porsche 35 minutes later.

Monica Sementilli and Robert Baker are currently in custody in Los Angeles. Remember the surveillance video of the joggers hidden by hoodies? Police sources tell "48 Hours" they believe the other person is an associate of Baker's but they haven't found him yet.In the meantime, Fabio's friends and family are left to grieve. my dear friend, my best friend, is no longer available to me and I to him. Luigi Sementilli: Most of all, I want people to understand how great he was, that he was a great man and that he deserved a lot better than what he got.Michelle Miller: So what do you do now Joe Mercurio: I say a prayer almost every night, to be honest with you. Joe Mercurio: Praying that he's somehow still smiling or tries put a smile on his face … As for Mirella, she just keeps remembering back to the time Fabio and Monica moved to Los Angeles.Mirella Rota: He'd be like, "What are you wearing you hair like that for? Mirella Rota: I've had conversation with Monica where she felt that way. He saw a lot and he had an incredible capacity of connecting with people. Mirella Rota: The one thing that I noticed when I was there … And she was smoking a lot more and she wasn't cooking as much and I know she loved cooking. It's a dream come true for me, and he said, "I'm sorry girls, no girls this time" [Mirella in tears] "I love you, but this is something I want to do with the guys."And there may have been other hints." And she'd be like, "Well, what's wrong with my hair? Of course, Fabio was 100 percent into building his relationship with Wella. It couldn't have helped that Fabio was on the road all the time with a big new social life. That's what made him incredibly special is his capacity to connect. Monica stopped working, her kids were growing up, and Mirella began to notice changes just weeks before Fabio's murder. Two years before Fabio's death, Monica apparently confided her unhappiness with the marriage to a friend. Mirella Rota: On the Saturday there was a wake at the house … Luigi Sementilli: Robert and Monica were in the corner talking to each other ...

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Michelle Miller: Did she make a promise to your mother? She told my mother that she was gonna take care of my brother. my mom said, "You take care of my son" and she says, "Don't worry Maria.

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