Radiometric dating hoax

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Radiometric dating hoax

The lunar landers are each about 4 meters across and about 384,400,000 meters away, which makes them about as hard to see as a single coin from a thousand miles away. A picture of the Apollo 17 landing site taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which, as the name implies, was in orbit around the Moon when it took this presumably reconnaissance-related picture.

It would have to come together fully formed and integrated.Thanks to Jim Darnall for adding some important new information.1) The complexity of living systems could never evolve by chance—they had to be designed and created.Also, not for nothing, telescopes are terrible at retrieving material samples.You and every telescope on Earth (and the Hubble Telescope in low Earth orbit) are all about a quarter million miles from the Moon and the landing sites thereon.

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